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The MCL Technology of BioMedCore, Inc.

The MCL Technology of BioMedCore, Inc.

Mannose Coated Liposome as DDS carrier and  Vacccine Adjuvant.

What is the MCL(Mannose Coated Liposome)?


Characteristics of MCL

  1. MCL is a liposome coated with Mannose.
  2. MCL has a targeting ability to phagocytotic cells (Mφ,DC etc).
  3. Those API uptake MCL very quickly.
  4. MCL is able to induce Th1 cytokines( IL-12 etc.) from Mφ,DC etc.
  5. MCL encapsulated an antigen, is able to induce antigen-specific cytotoxic T cells in vivo and in vitro.
  6. BMC is doing R&D of MCL as a DDS carrier for chemotherapeutic agent, as a cancer and a protozoa vaccine, and as an in vitro adjuvant for detecting antigen specific CTL.

Evidences for MCL potential  as Th1 Adjuvant

  1. Prevention and rejection of Leishmania   infection in mice.
  2. Prevention and rejection of Toxoplasma  infection in mice.
  3. Antigen specific IFN-γ  induction from spleen cells of mice vaccinated with influenza HA/MCL.
  4. Antigen specific Th1 Cytokine(IFN-γ、IL-12 etc.) induction from PBMC in vivo and in vitro in mice, bovine or human.
  5. The strong efficacy of IL-12 induction by MCL is comparable  with CpG-ODN.
  6. Induction of In vitro antigen specific CTL by using mice and human mononuclear cells
  7. Anti-cancer activity in vivo in mice.
  8. Anti-poline allergy activity in vivo in mice.
  9. All evidences above  were induced by 10 to 10000 times lower dose of antigen.

Anti-Cancer effect of MCL vaccine
Anti-Cancer effect of MCL vaccine


*Kojima N. et al. Oligomannose-coated liposome as a therapeutic antigen-delivery and an adjuvant vehicle for induction of in vivo tumor immunity. J Control Release. 129: 26-32 (2008)

MCL is the 1st Th1 vaccine Adjuvant sythesized!

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